12 Days of Christmas!

Starting the end of November we will be gearing up for our biggest holiday event of the season, the 12 Days of Christmas!

We will be offering exclusive items as deep discounts the first 12 days of December, just in time for you to gift to someone or keep for your own stocking.

How will it work?

Get on the email list!  We will host two email groups just for this event.  You will receive 1-2 emails to keep you informed before December, then starting December 1st at 6:00 am you will receive an unique email with the day's special.  We have two different emails list - one for the fabric lovers and one for the yarn lovers.  Sign up below by clicking on the image.

For 12 days (December 1st - 12th) you will receive an email with a video showing our deal of the day.  You will then go to the special product's web-pages provided in the email and pay for your item.  At the end of 12 days we will wrap up all your gifts and they will be ready for pick-up on Saturday, December 14th.  If you desire your items to be shipped, we will call you to set up shipping information and charges after the 12 days and ship before the 17th.

We will share these specials on Facebook as well at 9:00 am - email will have priority.

Each deal is for only one day and there will be limited quantity.

Join the fun and treat yourself this season!